Karolin Braegger

Play Dead

Vernissage 24/11 at 6.00pm

Every Sunday from 26/11 to 07/01/2024

Karolin Braegger, born 1993 in Zurich, lives and works in Vienna and Zurich. She holds a Diploma with honors in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, as well as a Diploma with honors in Fashion Design from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Zurich University of Arts.

Karolin Braegger's practice is between situated visual art, fashion and performance. The objects she creates incorporate an inherent ambivalence between sculpture, prop/costume and element of display. Likewise, her performative work is characterized by a constant shift between the role of performer, organizer and facilitator. She works with installation and examines clothing as an identity-forming shell with which people address each other and communicate. The clothing she makes do not necessarily need to be activated in a performance; they can also be reminiscent of potential wearers. In maintaining a form of versatility as a systematic component of her work, she addresses the value of supportive gestures, with special attention to key cultural figures such as the servant, the caretaker, and the host. This leads her to frequently work collaboratively and to explore multiple forms of delegation, adaptability, resource sharing, and transferred authorship. 
She has just been a resident at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, will do a performance at Goethe-Institut in Zagreb and will be part of a group exhibition at Kunstforum in Vienna. She is working collaboratively with Brigham Baker on Quiltscapes, where they hosted their last event within the in:dépendance residency by ETH Zurich at Furkapass, Valais, in August. She has exhibited at Provence Pavillon and Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, at Heiliger Kreuzerhof and Exile for Curated by in Vienna and at Sangt Hipolyt in Berlin.

With the support of Art en Jeu and Circuit

Text by Sophia Roxane Rohwetter

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