Kim Farkas

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Vernissage 02/06 at 6.00pm

Every Sunday from 04/06 to 16/07/2023

Kim Farkas is a Paris-based artist whose work is characterized by a hybridity of technological and organic forms. Farkas’ practice manifests a reflective space between the transmission of ritual and an unevenly distributed economy in which worldly attainment and social dignity are deferred to the afterlife, particularly for migrant selves. Vestiges of alienated consumption coalesce in suspended, richly layered entanglements along vertical axes that parallel the vernacular of confined architectures co-linking “Chinatowns” transnationally. At once biomorphic and biographic, the artist’s work engages with his Peranakan, and by extension his Singaporean, identity – considering the insider/outsider status of diasporic communities and the way that artifacts of cultural history are subject to commodification and erasure.

Kim Farkas (b. 1988 in Paris, FR) lives and works in Paris, France. The artist received his BA in Graphic Design from Olivier de Serres, Paris, in 2009, his BFA from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2012, and his MFA from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2014. Selected exhibitions include: MAC VAL, Vitry-sur-Seine, FR (2023); Paris + par Art Basel | Sites, Paris, FR, presented by Downs & Ross (2022); Campoli Presti, Paris, FR (2022); HUA International, Berlin, DE (2022); Downs & Ross, New York, US (2021); FRAC Pays de la Loire, Nantes, FR (2021); Galerie Balice Hertling, Paris, FR (2021); Galerie des Filles du Calvaire, Paris, FR (2021); High Art, Paris, FR (2020) and From the xmas tree of lucy bull, Los Angeles, US (2020).

Text by Selma Meuli

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