Lucas Erin

I Don't Want No Trouble

Vernissage 17/09 at 6.00pm

Every Sunday from 19/09 to 24/10/2021

We are pleased to announce the first solo show of Lucas Erin (b.1990) at All Stars. Lucas Erin is a French Caribbean artist based in Lausanne and Paris.

His work questions our own positions and attitudes through particular contexts, such as customs office, unfortunate encounters or acting against one’s best judgment. 

In his installations, each object plays a voice with a different tone from low to high from strong to vulnerable.  

After focusing more on his collective stakes for several years, I Don't Want No Trouble marks Lucas Erin's return to his personal art practice.

Lucas Erin has been engaged in various collective practices and thinking by his involvement in art context and agencies in artist-run spaces such as La Colonie (Paris), Doc (Paris), Happy Baby Gallery (Crissier).

The artist has participated in collectif shows, among other, in Musée Cantonal d’art de Lausanne (Lausanne), Institut Français Dakar (Senegal), Dienstgebäude (Zurich), Circuit (Lausanne), Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève (Biennale des images en mouvement) and Fondation Pernod-Ricard (Paris).

Text by Christian Schulz

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