Cassidy Toner

Continuity Creep

Vernissage 31/03 at 6.00pm

Every Sunday from 02/04 to 14/05/2023

Cassidy Toner's artistic work employs various strategies such as humor, deception, or pastiche to propose a scathing and caustic reflection on art, the archetypal figure of the artist, as well as the values and power relations that govern contemporary culture.

Cassidy was born in 1992 in Baltimore and lives in Basel. In 2018, Cassidy Toner graduated from the Art Institute of the FHNW in Basel. She has recently had solo and duo exhibitions at PHILIPPZOLLINGER, Zurich (2022 and 2019); Castiglioni, Milan (2022); Sgomento Zurigo, Zurich (2021); KunstRaumRiehen, Basel (2021);) and Saint Luke, Zurich (2019). She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions including the Swiss Institute, New York (2020) and Kunsthalle Basel (2019). In 2018, Toner was awarded the Kunstkredit Prize in Basel and in 2021, the Kiefer Hablitzel Prize.

Text by Simon Würsten Marin

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